Mosquito Trap that works!

Now you can trap mosquitos and bugs without poisons - Money-back guarantee

sonic mouse repeller This mosquito trap effectively removes mosquitos, moths, asian beetles, no-seeums, wasps, and yellow jackets, without the use of propane. The UV bulb (included) produces a black light that attracts insects. They are blown into the collecting tray at the bottom, where they drown.

Safe. No poisons!

Perfect for the BBQ area

Best used outdoors
AUD$179 inc GST

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Guaranteed to work

+ $15 freight within Australia

Environmentally friendly, Insecticide-free and Harmless to pets & humans, odourless, no pollutants.

No annoying zapping sounds

No dangerous poisons, or gases

Low maintenance, easy-to-empty tray

Convenient: Just plug into the powerpoint, can be
     used indoors or outdoors

Economic: Low power consumption, only 28 watts

30 day money-back guarantee

Replacement bulbs readily available

The Mosquito Trap
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AUD$175 + freight

Gross Weight: 2.9 kg   Carton size: 250 x 250 x 410mm
Uses 240volt. Power cord length:1.8 metres
Dimensions: 38cm wide x 20cm high x 23cm deep
Range: 1000 mtrs by line of sight

Catch biting insects

This mosquito control system eliminates biting insects, and other flying pests from your outdoor as well as indoor living spaces: This system is safe for indoor use, and it eliminates insects without adding chemicals to the environment or the surrounding areas of usage. Mosquito zappers can be dangerous to your health, they blast bits of exploded bug into the air. This mosquito trap does not fry, drown, or zap the bugs.

Use the Mosquito trap in homes, accommodations, gardens, BBQ, patio and outdoor eating areas. Camping, fishing Trips, Picnics, Barbecues, swimming pools. Farm buildings, cattle sheds, horse stables, livestock farms Restaurants, bar, bakeries, restaurants, childcare centers, schools, military camps and PC rooms. Especially suited to areas prone to mosquito borne diseases.

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this mosquito trap works!
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