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No annoying zapping sounds
No dangerous poisons, or gases
Low maintenance, easy-to-empty tray
Convenient: Just plug into the powerpoint, can be
     used indoors or outdoors
Economic: Low power consumption, only 28 watts
30 day money-back guarantee*
Replacement bulbs readily available

Perfect for outdoor entertaining

No extra freight charge if you order more than one
AUD$179 inc GST

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Guaranteed to work

+ $15 freight within Australia


How long before the Mosquito Trap starts to work?
The trap will begin to catch immediately there is mosquito activity in the area. The male mosquitoe in particular is drawn to the UV light and destroyed. The trap will gradually reduce your mosquito population as it attracts and destroys the males. It may take 3-4 weeks of use to reduce the mosquito population to the point that you have successfully interrupted the breeding cycle.

Will it harm humans or pets?
No. It is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. The mosquito trap does not involve fogging/misting, pesticides, bug zappers, repellents, or citronella. Coils often involve the use of chemicals that have the potential to be dangerous for both humans and the environment. This mosquito trap, uses none of these chemicals methods. It is 100% environmentally friendly.

Click to buy one nowHow high off the ground do we install it?
The mosquito trap can be placed, or fixed on any external object, wall, verandah post, or tree in the area to be protected. Its most efficient when around 1 metre off the ground. You can mount it on the bracket provided. If you have small children or pets, you need to keep it out of reach while it is on.

Is the device noisy? The unit's only sound is the built-in fan, which is similar to the noise from a computer fan.

Does it attract other insects?
It has been specifically designed to attract and control mosquitoes and sandflies (midges), although it may attract moths and other insects not beneficial to your garden.

How long do I operate the Mosquito Trap for each day?
For best results run the unit dusk to dawn to break the breeding cycle. However it doesn't do well when it has to compete against other light sources. At night turn off all other outdoor lights, so the mozzies can focus on the trap.

The Mosquito Trap showing its sections when pulled apart


Gross Weight: 2.9 kg   Carton size: 250 x 250 x 410mm
Uses 240volt. Power cord length:1.8 metres
Dimensions: 38cm wide x 20cm high x 23cm deep
Range: 1000 mtrs by line of sight

The mosquito is attracted by both the UV light. The fan sucks them in and throws them into the water tray, where they drown. You need a couple of drops of household dishwashing detergent in the water to break the surface tension on the water in the tray

Cleaning & maintenance

The tray is easily removed and emptied. Depending on your catch, it will need emptying every morning. After a few weeks you will only need to empty it every now and then. The UV bulbs should last up to 2 years with normal use, and are readily available from us.

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*The 30 day satisfaction warranty:
If you want to avail yourself of this warranty you must ensure that all parts, and the original box and packing are available. Do NOT return the unit until you have contacted us. The warranty is offered by the manufacturer, not us. We will let you know the details and address for returning the unit, after you contact us. Freight costs are not refunded, just the purchase price of the unit.

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